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To view the full text that this blog is based on, click here:  Feminine Style and Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Rhetoric

A Critical Study of Early Feminist Rhetoric.” Rhetoric: Concepts, Definitions, Boundaries By Karlyn Kohrs Campbell

This source provides a deeper explanation of feminist rhetoric.

NWHM is the archive for all things related to this movement

Angelina Grimké By the National Women’s History Museum

This webpage provides biographical information about the leader and activist, Angelina Grimké.

The Women’s Rights Project ACLU

This link provides information about the Women’s Rights Project by American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Ginsburg was a cofounder of this project and it is still in effect today.

Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg By Irin Carmon and Shana Knizhnik

This book provides biographical information about Ruth Bader Ginsburg as well as her rise to fame in today’s popular culture explosion.

The Feminine Style: Theory and Fact By Mary P. Hiatt

This scholarly article provides an in-depth look of the feminine style that I focus on throughout my analysis of this movement. The information provided in this article can be applied to better understand the rhetoric of the movement.

My Own Words By Ruth Bader Ginsburg, et al.

This book, written by Ginsburg, is a compilation of her speeches, dissents, and other examples of her writing over the years. She goes into detail about her opinions, decisions, and why she does things the way she does.

Speech at Pennsylvania Hall, 1838.” By Angelina Grimké

This is the last speech of Angelina Grimké’s public speaking career. Her rhetoric mimics the feminine style discussed throughout this analysis.

Fear the Frill: Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the Uncertain Futurity of Feminist Judicial Dissent.” By Erin J. Rand

This article explores Ginsburg’s dissenting opinions through the lens of feminist theory. It also explains how Ginsburg’s words are so effective.

The Supreme Court of the United States

Official Seal for the US Supreme Court

Visit this cite to learn more about the Justices and workings of the highest court in the nation. Also, this cite serves as a database for every case and opinion made by the court–including the ones mentioned throughout this report.

Digital Media


Ginsburg’s Words of Wisdom

Gender Scale

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Portrait

Women’s Rights Poster

Angelina Grimke Portrait

Pennsylvania Hall Burning

Votes for Women

Notorious RBG Artwork

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

RBG Dancing SNL

RBG Baby

Notorious RBG

Here to Stay

I Dissent


Judge Florence Ellinwood Allen

Hobby Lobby Protest

Women’s Rights are Human Rights

National Women’s History Museum

Notorious RBG Book Cover

My Own Words Book Cover

Supreme Court Seal


Lead others to Join

Notorious Artwork

RBG Word Art

SNL ‘Ginsburn’

(Images listed in order of appearance)


RBG’s great impact

Speech at Pennsylvania Hall

Seneca Falls Convention

Bill Clinton Announces Supreme Court Nominee

Ginsburg Confirmation Hearing

Saturday Night Live Ginsburg

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