What’s the scoop?

This page is a series of posts relating to social movements of the past and present in the United States. To better understand the meaning of a social movement and how they develop, watch the video below.

This video was created by Khan Academy

Social movements may be the focus of this page; however, I look at these movements through their use of rhetoric. Rhetoric has been used since people could interact and has been studied since the days of Ancient Greece and it can be defined as,

“The art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the exploitation of figures of speech and other compositional techniques.”

Oxford Dictionary

This definition certainly aides in the understanding of rhetoric, but as you will see throughout my posts, rhetoric can exist anywhere. Images, digital media, and so much more than simply speech and writing.

Plato was a famous scholar and teacher of rhetoric

A large portion of this page is dedicated to the rhetoric of the Women’s Rights Movement of the past and the present. This movement has existed for over a century now and although the issues have evolved, the rhetoric is still fairly similar. Click below to begin exploring this topic.

Although Ginsburg is often credited for this quote, it was first said by abolitionist and women’s rights activist, Sarah Grimke

I believe that our voices play a critical role in making a difference in our society. Many of the posts within this page dive into how the voices of a few driven citizens began movements that resulted in crucial changes within our nation.

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